Sunday's Teaching Guide

God At Work: Daniel 1

This week we began a new series on the book of Daniel called, God at Work.  The series title is a double entendre.  At the lowest levels I believe that the book of Daniel shows us the powerful effect of work done well to the glory of God, and the effect that can have on those in the work place who are not in covenant relationship with God.  At the highest levels, the book of Daniel is not about Daniel, but about the sovereignty of God, a God who is at work thwarting even the most powerful human kings.  I’m beyond excited for how God will use this series. 

This is what we learned this week:

The Sovereignty of God means that God is control  (Nehemiah 9:6; Psalms 135:6; Ephesians 1:11)


God’s sovereignty is, “His exercise of power over His creation”- Wayne Grudem.



The Sovereignty of God in Daniel 1 (verses 2, 9 and 17).



The message of the book of Daniel is that it is possible to live a faithful life in this world surrounded by pagan influences if one sets their mind on serving God wholeheartedly.



“The principal theological emphasis in Daniel is the absolute sovereignty of YHWH, the God of Israel.  At a time when it seemed to all the world that His cause was lost and that the gods of the heathen had triumphed, causing His temple to be burned to the ground, it pleased the LORD strikingly and unmistakably to display His omnipotence”- Gleason L. Archer



Nebuchadnezzar’s Purpose  (1:1-7)



Nebuchadnezzar’s Plan  (1:1-7)



Daniel’s Resolve  (1:8)



Daniel’s Reward (1:17-21)