From a Grateful Heart

This past Sunday, I preached my first sermon as lead pastor of Abundant Life.  Afterwards, the church graciously threw me a reception where I stood for close to two hours shaking hands and receiving generous well wishes from our church. I can’t even begin to put into words the love I felt and received from you. When I was done—or thought I was done—the well wishes continued, as a stack of cards was presented to me in which many of you wrote words of life to me and our family. Korie and I feasted on your words when I returned home this past Monday. Thank you!

As I continue to think about this past Sunday, my mind drifts beyond the kindness of our church to the elders who have (and continue to) lead you over the years. Leading a church is tough. Leading a church in pastoral transition is tougher. Leading a church through two pastoral transitions is just crazy, and yet these men have done it well and with excellence. They have been faithful in their leadership, prayers for the body and in the teaching of the Scriptures.  These men have made tough decisions, taken plenty of heat and have stood the test of time. Jesus’ commendation of the church at Ephesus and how they had “endured patiently,” is a fit description for our elders as well. So these men deserve a bigger thank you than I do.

If you are a part of the Abundant Life family, let me make my first big ask of you as your pastor. Can you, this week, sit down and send a text, compose an email, write the letter, take out to lunch or pick up the phone and call one or several of our elders and just tell them thank you? Pick out something specific and encourage them. It’ll put valuable wind in their sails, and give them an added boost of energy for what lies ahead.

P.S.: They didn’t ask me to say this at all, so let’s keep it “between us.”

Pastor Bryan

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