The Kainos Cohort


If you’re a leader with a passion to see your church or organization become more diverse, I want to personally spend time with you in our upcoming Kainos Cohort.  This is an intimate gathering of twelve leaders who will convene in Mountain View, California, October 8-10, where I will share over twenty-five years of experience in the area of diversity.  Specifically, the Kainos Cohort will cover the following:

1.      The Multiethnic Communicator.  This seminar will share practical tools in how to communicate in such a fashion that is conducive to drawing a multiethnic audience.  I have taught this course at seminaries, and am thrilled to distill the timeless traits of the multiethnic communication to you. 

2.      The Multiethnic Leader.  Everything really does come down to leadership, and this is especially true when it comes to building multiethnic churches and organizations.  As one who has pioneered a multiethnic church in one of the hardest places in the country, along with leading others, I have learned a ton (both good and bad), and look forward to sharing with you the most effective essentials to becoming a multiethnic leader. 

3.      Personal Access.  In this intimate setting you will have ample time to ask questions and engage in this sorely needed field.  You will also receive a copy of my latest book (Due out this coming October), Insider, Outsider: My journey as a stranger in the land of white evangelicalism, and my hope for us all.   It’s an honest, yet hopeful memoir of my life, as well as a practical resource for people wanting to serve in the multiethnic space.


An interview process will be required for acceptance into this cohort.  Upon entrance, there is a registration fee.  To set up the interview, and find out about the registration fee, please email my assistant, Danielle Ridley,  The first 12 approved will make up this first cohort.

Hope to see you there!


Bryan Lorrits