What Does God Have to Say About This Friday Night?

This Sunday we begin a series on dating at Abundant Life called, What Does God Have to Say About this Friday Night?  No, I don’t have plans to turn this into a book, or a desire to become the hip church in the Bay.  So why am I doing this series then?

A few years ago, for the first time since the Bureau of Labor Statistics started keeping records, the majority of American adults were single (50.2%).  If you’re wondering where in America is the best place to find a working single man between the ages of twenty-five to thirty-four, it’s the Bay, with San Jose being the top ranked city in America for available single working men.  In fact, around here, San Jose has come to be called “Man Jose,” for these very reasons (By the way, several other Bay area cities rank in the top ten as well).  For every one hundred working female singles, “Man Jose,” has one hundred and fourteen.  For these reasons and more, every church in the Bay that wants to be viable and flourishing, should have a strategy to actively engage this growing demographic.

Korie and I have three singles living in our home- our kids, Quentin, Myles and Jaden.  All of my conversations with them center around one of three areas, we call them “The Three M’s”: Who’s your Master?  What’s your mission?  Who’s your mate?  Answer these three questions correctly and you’re on a trajectory for a God glorifying life rich with meaning. 

Any discipleship plan has to hover around these core questions.  And while not every single person will marry, just about all will wrestle with the question of who is their mate?  Our series is specifically designed to provide meaningful answers to help equip our people in the Bay for how to navigate this area well.  This is a part of our core curriculum as disciples of Jesus.

So I hope you’ll join us as we set off this Sunday, using the story of Isaac and Rebekah’s courtship in Genesis 24 as our guide. 

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